7 Cute Mackenzie & Maddie Ziegler Sister Moments, Because Maddie Isn't Always Busy Being A Miniature Sia — PHOTOS

When you hear the name Maddie Ziegler, what comes to mind? Likely, your first thought is something along the lines of "Sia's adorable dancer that acts as a stand-in for her when she doesn't want to show her face." That's understandable, considering that is part of the reason why the preteen is so famous at such a young age. But Maddie Ziegler is so much more than just Sia's dancing buddy. Maddie, an alum of Dance Moms and a budding music video star, is also a devoted sister.

When she's not showing off her passion for dancing in empty houses and other artistic settings or hitting up the red carpet for big name awards shows like the Grammys, Maddie can often be spotted out and about with her younger sister Mackenzie. Mackenzie, who is only 9 years old, was actually the youngest member on Dance Moms, where she appears alongside her big sister. Unsurprisingly, she has big dreams of making it in the dance world someday too.

Considering Mackenzie's early success at such a young age, not to mention her awesome family connections, it looks like she's well on her way to succeed. But in the meantime, it looks like she is enjoying spending time with Maddie whenever she has the chance, and looking adorable while doing so. Check out a round up below of the sisters' cutest moments (so far)!

DanceMoms BOSS on YouTube

Let's start with a cute, short clip of them dancing together, perfectly on beat.

The girls look like they're having a fun time on the red carpet at The Duff movie premiere at Loews Lincoln Square in New York City on Feb. 18. Hopefully the girls stayed out of the cold that day!

On Dec. 8, the girls had the opportunity to visit the Billboard office. So of course, they had to have a photo op to document the occasion. What makes it adorable is that they're still so small that they can't reach the sign!

We can't forget the time they had their own collection for the tween and teen set for Mod Angel. (By the way, who couldn't agree with what Maddie's shirt says?)

At the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, Maddie and Mackenzie had the chance to pose with a bevy of fellow celebs, one of which was group Fifth Harmony. Talk about girl power!

On Maddie's Twitter account, which is run by her mother, she celebrated National Sister Day in the best way possible, by posting an adorable shot of the girls at the 2014 Kids Choice Awards! Looks like these two know how to steal the orange carpet, too!

Of course, this round up would not be complete without a throwback post from when the two girls were just like any other toddlers, living it up at Disney. Looks like even then, they were ready to dance!