Chrissy Teigen Just Dyed Her Her (Again)

Out with the new, back in with the old: model Chrissy Teigen has dyed her hair brown, a much darker shade from her media-favored blonde tresses. Beauty bloggers are expressing both elation and concern for no-longer golden locks. “LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING,” wrote Teigen on her Instagram, which translates roughly to “I have broken your souls with my hair just to spite you.”

“Chrissy Teigen, Twitter’s funniest model by far, just stunned everyone by trading her trademark sunkissed blonde/brown hair for a dye job so dark it’s practically Kardashian, and she still looks amazing,” writes Elizabeth Licata of The Gloss. And it’s true — a photo posted to her Instagram shows her phenomenal new shade on the set of a photo shoot.But wait — this isn’t Chrissy’s first run with dark hair. In fact, Teigen’s shade has really always been some variation of brown, has it not? Whether a dark blonde with lowlights or a sexy shade of brunette, the leap doesn’t seem too extreme. Regardless, Instagram seems to be loving it. And Chrissy, a professional beautiful person, shines regardless of her preferred hair color of the week.

Take a look a look at the transformation below. (We think it looks fab, Chrissy!)