Apple Appears in the Pages of Vogue

by Eliza Florendo

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss aren't the only big faces in Vogue this month. Amidst ads from Balmain, Marc Jacobs, and Prada, the Apple Watch has a whopping 12-page spread in Vogue's March Issue. The watch is rumored to be announced on March 9th, with a projected sale date of sometime in April.

Let that sink in with you. Twelve pages. That is no small price tag. According to Adweek, this spread cost an estimated cool $2.2 million, and is one of the main headliners in what Vogue calls their "Spring Fashion Blockbuster," which runs 604 pages long. The ads feature all three versions of the watch: the 18-karat version, the sports edition, and the standard leather-bound version. The photos in the ads range from close ups of the straps and face, and snapshots of the watch's capabilities, like tracking your physical activity, and a home "page" that displays all your apps. Photos of these ads can be seen here.

It's not the first time tech and fashion met. Wearable technology has been on the market for a while now, with Cute Circuit featuring LED lights into their Fashion Week presentation and Tory Burch collaborating with FitBit. And even simpler forms of wearables, like Loeffler Randal's built in iPhone compartments in their wallets, exist as well.

Looks like techies are seriously trying to poach the fashion industry, and with Vogue's approval, it might just work. This will only continue to push for more fashion-forward wearable technology, and we're pro that. I mean, Google Glass was super cool, but did it didn't exactly say fashionable. Bravo Apple and Vogue, and let's continue to innovate to integrate wearable tech into our lives.

Images: @Adweek/Twitter