5 Commando-Concealing Outfits For Laundry Day

by Elisa Llera

You know when Sunday rolls around and you’re in bed sipping tea, binging on Netflix, but no matter where you position the laptop, the laundry basket is still in your peripherals? More often than not, bedtime fast approaches and my dirty duds are neglected yet again (please tell me I'm not alone here). Despite knowing it'll be rough trying to decide what to wear with no underwear the next day, no amount of guilt makes it magically teleport the two block distance to the laundromat. Trust me, I've tried. This only becomes a problem the next morning when I’ve exceeded the times you can hit "snooze" and have left myself only 15 minutes to pack lunch, pick an outfit and take out the trash. And alas, my slacker tactics the day before have left my underwear drawer empty — again!

If I’m to be honest, this is where I admit I barely bat an eye at the prospect of going commando anymore. Communal laundry facilities in creepy basements have long won that war. So, being a veteran of this conundrum, I can at least offer expert advice on the topic! Obviously priority numero uno, when leaving the house sans undies, is avoiding forever being known as the ‘Underwearless Wonder”. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Literally.

1. Wide Brim Hat, Leopard Shawl, & Leggings

Combining a long patterned shawl and leggings is a go-to in many a style blogger’s arsenal. It is a foolproof way to look put together when you have no time to waste, in addition to obscuring any evidence of your little secret. Layering a buttoned up button-up and sweater underneath will not only win you fashion kudos, but can make first-timers feel a little more covered and confident.

2. Turtleneck, Plaid Poncho, & Leggings

If you're a beginner and the idea of wearing a glorified scarf doesn't quite do it for you, try a more structured top layer, like this poncho. Its tailored fit around the shoulders will allow you to move freely without a tug-of-war throughout the day to keep it in place. Rookie mistake to avoid: Make sure your leggings aren't see-through! It’s better to go for your athletic or fleece lined leggings when skipping skivvies. And for heaven’s sake, avoid the bend-and-snap for the day.

3. Boyfriend Blazer, Knotted Midi, & Tights

A midi-length dress with tights not only keeps you covered up, but it’s also right on trend this season. Opting to knot the bottom like this one ensures there’s no Seven Year Itch moments a la Marilyn when flagging down your Uber. Plus, when styled with a boyfriend blazer, Doc Martens, and edgy accessories, everyone will be too intimidated by your cool factor to get close enough to notice... you know.

4. Long Cardi, Jersey Midi, & Tights

If you had a long night — and next day is looking even longer — go with the super comfy option. Paired with a long cardi, oversized scarf, and a pendant necklace, this elevated, casual look will practically feel like walking around in your comforter. It's the perfect cheat for that time of the month when feeling like a blimp is a week long occurrence. Added bonus: No panty line woes!

5. Bomber Jacket, Basic Bodysuit, & Jeans

Warning: this is for next level users. If your everyday underthings aren’t an option, start with a basic, black bodysuit (or a swimsuit when you're desperate) under your full look — it basically acts as a warming layer. Perfect for the chilly winter months. It may seem counterintuitive to wear a stiff material like denim, but the stretchy fit of this style and protection from the one piece should leave you just as comfortable as a normal day-in-the-life. Note: you're already being a rebel, so why not try acid wash or a denim shirt. After all, in our book it’s go big or go home!

Images: Elisa Llera