What Color Is This Dress? Black/Blue or White/Gold

by Anna Klassen

The internet has never been more enraged than it is today. A war hasn't broken out overseas, a president was not impeached, nor was another Marvel comic book hero confirmed for a big screen adaptation. No, the thing that has set the internet aflame is as simple as an article of clothing. A simple fashion post has now destroyed internet trolls, bloggers, friendships and marriages (OK, maybe I'm being melodramatic). But seriously, will someone please tell us what color this dress really is? To me, it's clearly white and gold. But to my roommate, who's sitting next to me on the same couch, looking at the exact same image, it's "obviously black and blue, no question."

The twitter debate rages on, with users tweeting about the color of the dress they see on screen, and defending their irises to the bitter, rhetorical end. The hashtags #blackandblue and #whiteandgold as well as "What color is this dress" are all trending on twitter. The debate rages on:

Image: swiked/Instagram