Are The Twins In The Discover Ad IRL Twins?

In one of the commercials for the Discover Card It Card, a customer calls in and asks a customer service representative why her FICO score showed up on her bill. The customer service rep explains, and that's when it happens: The customer drops an “awesomesauce” in the conversation. The customer service representative realizes who the customer on the other line is, and vice versa. They are twin sisters. And the twin sisters in the ad are played by real-life twin sisters, not one actress portraying two roles. This is not a Leonardo DiCaprio/ The Man In The Iron Mask situation. The two actresses in the Discover Card twins ad are Sinem and Meltem Gulturk.

Before I continue, I have to get a few questions off of my flummoxed chest. (That sounds nasty, I apologize. What I meant to say: The ad left me with some questions.) Did the Discover Card customer service rep not see and/or recognize the customer’s name? Did the customer not know her twin worked at Discover? Are they estranged? What's the backstory here?

…Hold up. What am I doing? It's an advertisement, for awesomesauce's sake. I don't need a backstory. Forget I asked any questions.

ANYWAY, here’s another commercial featuring the Gulturk sisters:


Image: Discover/YouTube