10 Spring 2015 Trends You Can Shop Right Now, From Fringe To Clogs To Groovy Flared Pants

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Now that we've entered March, it's finally starting to feel like spring is on the way. In a few weeks, it will be time to pack away our bulky winter coats and black tights in favor of warm weather clothes. That means it's also time to do a little shopping for spring 2015 trends.

Sure, you could fall back on the cliched spring trends like florals and white lace, but if you want to be on top of your fashion game this spring there are more exciting options out there. The '90s might be making a resurgence in beauty trends, but it looks like the grunge revival is starting to make way for a different decade to come back, fashion-wise. Certain trends have been taking over both the runway and the streets ever since the Spring 2015 shows and a lot of them, from suede to flared pants, have a very '70s style vibe.

I gathered up ten of the most prominent spring trends right now, along with statement pieces that embody each of them. There's sure to be at least one investment piece here for everyone, so splurge on that and wear it all the way through spring, summer, and into fall. And if you're on a budget, use this as inspiration as you hunt through last year's spring clothes or thrift stores (a lot of this spring's vintage-inspired trends lend themselves well to lucky thrift store finds). Happy spring shopping!

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