7 Bras Every Woman Should Own

by Lauren Turner

If you've ever seen a good episode of What Not to Wear, then you know how important it is that your girls are right. Clinton Kelly and Stacy London always pushed finding your perfect fitting bra, almost as hard as they pushed understanding that your clothes have to "go," not just match. And like they said, aside from how your clothes fit, getting your undergarments under control is a must. So finding the perfect bra is essential to making an outfit (and a wardrobe).

Trust me: I know. I’ve probably gone through a hundred bras in my short lifetime, solely because of fitting issues. You know when you see a bra and you feel like you’ve got to own it, and when it doesn’t fit, you buy it anyway? Story of my life. I’ve owned them all. Strapless bras, push up bras, convertible bras, bandeaus, and even lacy things that I should never have even picked up. Some of them were worth the money, while others just gave me weird boob problems.

And because there isn't just one perfect bra (if there is, please bring it to me now), I've put together a list of my 7 favorite bras that I think every woman should own.

1. The Strapless Bra

I mean, how much do I have to explain this one? Strapless dresses, teeny tank tops, and anything that's too tight for a real bra needs a strapless. Although the strapless is a must have, I've always been a little weird about them. As someone who is, um, well endowed, I never felt like strapless bras did anything for me other than give me anxiety. But, they are necessary in the grand scheme of things (Fashion Forms A-DD Go Bare Ulitmate Boost Backless Strapless Bra, $49.52,

2. The Pushup Bra

You know when you're about to go out with your best friends, and you've pulled out that slinky number from the back of your closet? That's the moment that you need a good push up bra. Now, I'm not talking about one of those 'add 2 cup size' bras because let's be honest: that's just false advertising. I'm talking about a good old push up that gives your girls a nice little lift. (Very Sexy Push-Up Bra, $48-78,

3. The Strappy Bra

This might be the most modern bra ever. And I wouldn't really say this is a bra to wear under things, simply because of how cute the back is. I would wear this in the summer (if that ever comes) with something to show it off. (Silence + Noise Strappy-Back Micro Bra, $29,

4. The Convertible Bra

This bra is great for wearing strappy dresses and tops, since you can customize the bra straps to align with your dress straps. Because if you're anything like me, you can hear your mother's voice in your head whenever a bra strap shows. The only problem with this bra is getting it off in a hurry. (Microfiber Convertible Bra, $17.95,

5. The Sports Bra

The sports bra is a fundamental piece that everyone should own – even if you don't work out. For those days when you don't want to wear a real bra, but you can't leave your house bra-less, reach for a sports bra. And for girls with bigger girls, sports bras with zip closures give you a little more suport. (Victoria's Secret Incredible Front-Close Sport Bra, $54.50-63.50,

6. The Triangle Bra

The biggest bummer about this whole triangle bra trend is that I can't take part in it. The simplicity of the bra makes for a easy styling, whether you wear it under a flowy top or with matching bottoms. You really can't won't go wrong. (ASOS Ivy Applique Triangle Bra, $29.35,

7. The T-Shirt Bra

Although I've never been able to understand what makes a t-shirt bra, a t-shirt bra, I think a plain bra should always be in your closet. Having something without the bells and whistles can go easily with any tank or v-neck. (The T-Shirt Perfect Shape Bra, $39.50-$42.00,

Image: Fotolia