These Moments Are Terrifying for Indecisive People

by Emma Cueto

There are some people who are able to decide what they want in an instant, make their choice, and not even seem to think to much about us. The rest of us get to relate to the Buzzfeed video "7 Moments That Are Terrifying for Indecisive People." Because making decision? How does that even work?

Life is full of choices. Big choices like "What are you going to major in?" or "Should we move in together?" and small choices like "What do you want to eat?" or "What are you going to wear tonight?" All these things that supposedly we ought to be able to just...decide. Like the answer should just be obvious. Well, if the answer was obvious, we wouldn't have to make decisions in the first place, now would we? There would be no reason for a decision because everyone would know the answer.

Or something.

Obviously which brand you buy or which movie you watch on Netflix are not huge, pressing problems, but personally I think that may well be the trouble. There are no meaningful differences between the quality of your options. Both are totally fine. You'd probably be happy with both. But you can't have both. So you're forced to either pick one at random or try to suss out any minute advantage one has over the other.

And it makes all sorts of small moments unreasonably difficult. Here are just a few examples of things that are secretly very, very hard.

"What Would You Like To Order?"

"What Should We Watch On Netflix?"

"What Are Your Plans For Tonight?"

"Which Brand Do You Want?"

Just be grateful, I guess, that no one's ever needed you to diffuse a bomb.

Yeah...a bomb would not go well, huh?