Erase The Jitters The Night Before Your Wedding

by Beth Sharb

Today, you may be six months out from your wedding date and thinking that by the night before your big day, everything will be done — there will be nothing left to worry about. Speaking as a wedding planner, I can assure you that there will be plenty left to worry about — but you can plan ahead now and get some sleep the night before your nuptials. Here's how.

1. Don't procrastinate

Seriously, don't do it. As Brides reminds us, the night before your wedding is not the time to make a seating chart, write your vows, or complete DIY projects. If you must make centerpieces the night before, ask a crafty aunt or bridesmaid to help out beforehand. Better yet, see if there's a floral design program somewhere in your city. Perhaps a student would be willing to help out for a low fee.

However, there will likely be some things that have to wait until the night before. You may still need to set up your seating chart or card table –– and put your honeymoon suitcase in the car (PS: don't wait to pack your suitcase!).

2. Don't drink too much

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You may be tempted to imbibe the night before — friends and family are in town, you want to take the edge's understandable. But both you, your groom, and your wedding party will all be better served by a two-drink limit. On that same note, bachelor and bachelorette parties should not be the night before the wedding unless you want a massive hangover on the big day. After the rehearsal, turn in early with your 'maids, mom, future sister-in-law, or whoever else will be fun and drama-free.

3. Do your wedding prep early

Glamour has a great list of things to do the day before your wedding. If you have a wedding planner or consultant, this is a great place to let her start intervening — your vendors can reach out to her, and she should be following up with them, making confirmation calls, and tipping. If you don't have a wedding planner, entrust a bridesmaid or aunt with these tasks.

If you do have a planner, she should also give you and the members of your wedding party schedules for the rehearsal and the day-of (ideally, that you've gone over well before the day before the wedding). Having a schedule and strong idea of what you want the rehearsal to be like will make that part of the evening go much more smoothly. Who wants to haggle about details less than 24 hours away from the walk down the aisle? If you need a sample schedule to create your own, check out this one from Bridal Guide.

4. Be ready for nerves

No matter how ready you are, how excited you are, or how much you prepare, you will be nervous. That's OK –– prepare for a few nail-biting moments! Trust your wedding planner to do her job and know that even if something does go wrong, you probably won't even notice — And your guests definitely won't. If a centerpiece is wrong, the right song doesn't play, or the cake doesn't get served at exactly 7:15 p.m., it will be OK. Really!

If you don't have a wedding planner, this is the perfect opportunity to make friends and family feel like they're a part of the day. Most people want to help out. If there's a good friend who wasn't able to be in your wedding party, she would likely be honored to assist on the big day. Or, if a close relative who happens to live far away wants to be included, delegate some tasks to her! Don't be afraid to let family step in and help out.

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