Is Dr. Dulmacher "The Dollmaker" On 'Gotham'? It Sounds Like These 2 Villains Have Some Big Similarities

We never found out the identity of the mysterious "Dr. Dulmacher," a villainous alias of the owner of this weird underworld prison where Fish Mooney is being held on Gotham . But could Dr. Dulmacher be the Dollmaker, a villain from much earlier in Season 1? It's been over 15 episodes since we've heard about the Dollmaker, and we never met him. Last we heard, he was trying to kidnap street children and send them out of the city, possibly to the same prison where Fish is being held (though we haven't seen a lot of kids wandering around). He was foiled by a combination of Selina Kyle, Jim Gordon, and the incompetence of his own associates.

While so far it seems like Dulmacher has a much tighter rein on his operation, there are a lot of similarities between the Dollmaker's profile and what we know about Dr. Dulmacher so far. Actually, I'd be shocked if it didn't turn out the two characters are the same. Gotham loves to have fun with character names, and giving the "Dollmaker" a name that sounds like the same word is totally something they would do. But they could be having even more fun at the audience's expense and make "Dulmacher" some kind of code name, letting Fish Mooney take it on and become the Dollmaker. Because as much as I love her character, she is still a bad guy.

Dr. Dulmacher has a collection of people trapped in his facility, mining them for for their organs, likely so he can sell or trade them on the black market, or do some kind of surgical experimentation on them. And they've recently unionized under the leadership of Fish Mooney, who's on her way from the basement to the top floor. Back in the second episode of Gotham, Mooney seemed to know of the Dollmaker, or at least understand that he was the person who was arranging the kidnapping of Gotham's street kids, which we saw through Selina Kyle.

So when Fish heard the name "Dulmacher" in last week's episode, I think Jada Pinkett Smith was trying to convey a combination of recognition and slight intimidation. I wonder if Selina will be able to give any insights or even find out about what could have happened to her. We don't know what the Dollmaker was planning with the busloads of homeless kids he nearly got his hands on, but after looking into the office and mind of Dr. Dulmacher, if they are in fact the same person, we're getting a pretty good idea.

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy