Lady Gaga & More Celebrities Take The Polar Plunge, Because Freezing For Charity Will Never Go Out Of Style — PHOTOS

Big news! Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney took the plunge. No, they didn't get married, but on Sunday Lady Gaga did the Polar Plunge with her fiancee. (I just couldn't resist the marriage pun. Sorry.) But while we may not have had a Gaga wedding yet, the Polar Plunge is pretty exciting on its own. The event was a fundraiser for the Special Olympics, and many celebs joined in from Kinney's fellow Chicago Fire cast to Vince Vaughn.

This year the annual charity event was hosted in Chicago, Illinois. Participants had to run into frigid Lake Michigan, submerging themselves completely before getting out. And if you've been around this winter, you know how cold it already is outside—let alone if you're dipped in icy water. Lady Gaga took to Instagram to describe the Plunge to her followers, and from the sound of it things were crazy cold. "My weave froze!!" she captioned the picture showing the aftermath of her plunge. "I thought my wig was gonna freeze into and become one with the lake."

But even though it was freezing outside, (Chicago temperatures are in the 20s right now) those who participated were glad to do so. As Lady Gaga said, it was about more than just the money. "Feels so good to do things for a good cause like the Special Olympics. It's great donate money, but also great to donate a gesture of love for those who deserve to be showered with it," she said on Instagram.

Vince Vaughn was equally glad to participate. The Illinois native completed the challenge in a Blackhawks hockey jersey, and was among the first to rush into the freezing lake. Afterwards he said he felt "fantastic." And while I doubt the water felt fantastic at the time, I can see how the challenge in general made him feel that way. He, and the other 4,500 participants, brought a lot of money and awareness to the charity.

Much like with the Ice Bucket Challenge, there's something satisfying about watching people do good while suffering a little themselves. It makes the act more selfless that they sacrificed their warmth to raise money and awareness. The Polar Plunge participants were definitely dedicated considering they jumped into ice water in the dead of winter. It makes the summertime Ice Bucket Challenges seem like child's play. But there's no real need to compare the two charitable trends. The important thing is that everyone wins when celebs get cold. Including us sitting at home.

Believe me, there's nothing better to do on this wintery day than cozy up next to your computer and look at pictures of celebrities freezing in the name of charity. So enjoy the pictures, consider donating, and stay warm!