Who Is Asifa Mirza's Boyfriend Bobby Panahi? 'Shahs of Sunset' Shows Their Complicated Relationship

The new season of Shahs of Sunset has made some cast changes that will hopefully turn out to be improvements. They've added new cast member Asifa Mirza, a grad student who seems like she's there to replace the glamorous, well dressed "Persian Barbie," Lilly Ghalichi, who left the show after two seasons. And Asifa is bringing her boyfriend, Bobby Panahi, to Shahs of Sunset Season 4, who just so happens to also be her ex-husband.

The weirdest thing about their relationship? Instead of normal breakups, fights, or makeups, these two keep changing their legal relationship status. After dating for some time, Bobby and Asifa got married... only to get divorced 14 months later. And now, during the season, they're dating again... and Asifa referred to Bobby as her "possible fiance" in her new Bravo bio, so it sounds like they're still together, and might be engaged again. That seems like a lot of romantic drama... and since most of this cast is either in committed relationships (Reza, Mike, Asa) or still dating around (MJ, GG), some ex-boyfriend drama is always welcome.

Thankfully, like every person on the planet right now, Bobby is obsessed with Instagram — and that, plus his provides plenty of evidence about what he's going to be like on the show.

They Have A Complicated Relationship

Clearly, they don't have the best communication if Asifa is planning a second wedding before he's even proposed. And it sounds like the entire cast can agree that Asifa can be hard to deal with —at least Asifa and Bobby have being dramatic in common.

He Can Totally Afford To Spoil His Ex-Wife

Before people get upset about Asifa using her ex's money to fund her lifestyle, look at how Bobby spends — he clearly loves the finer things in life. Anyone who has a custom Rolls Royce like that isn't in dire financial straights, and none of us have a say in how he spends his money.

He's Remarkably Well-Dressed

He's a great dresser who always has his clothes perfectly tailored. There's never a photo posted where he looks anything less than completely put together.

Until Shahs of Sunset Season 4 premieres on March 2 at 10 p.m., we won't actually get to know Bobby and Asifa, but this gives a pretty decent look into what their relationship could be like.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo