5 Reasons MJ Makes 'Shahs Of Sunset' Worth Watching, From Her Dogs To Her Mom

Bravo is bringing Shahs of Sunset back for a fourth season, and after these boring seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, it's the most exciting show they have right now. While Reza may be a better Bravolebrity, GG brings alllllll the cray, and Asa is sneakily the funniest person in the cast with her deadpan reactions, my favorite cast member on Shahs of Sunset is MJ. Yes, Mercedes Javid is the glue that holds this show together.

She's down for literally anything — there were some rumors back in 2014 that MJ was pregnant with Reza and his fiance, Adam's, baby. That clearly ended up not being true, because there is no baby wandering around in their expensive Hollywood condos, but if that's the type of practical joke she likes to play, that's an even bigger reason to love MJ. She's a completely vain person who always ends up behaving with absolutely no vanity when it counts: when sharing her feelings or having a good time. And she can throw down a petty fight whenever she wants, which should be a prerequisite for anyone on reality TV. Here's why MJ stands out among the Shahs of Sunset cast.

1. Her Impossibly Spoiled Chihuahuas

Those may be the two, laziest dogs in the world. I've never see a dog that won't even move its head before. But considering that they're spoiled by MJ, I'm sure they are the two happiest dogs on Earth.

2. Her Best Friendship With Reza

Reza and MJ may be divided from time to time and disagree on different things, but that all pales in comparison to their love for one another. Even though they've spent half of their time on this show in huge fights, you truly get the feeling that nothing will stop these two from staying best friends.

3. She Promotes Body Positivity

MJ could not care less about what others think of her or her body. She wears whatever she wants with confidence and always encourages others to do the same.

4. She Embraces Her Messiness

MJ is the cast member who eats too many chocolate croissants, accidentally barges in on everyone while they're naked, and after two drinks instantly smudges her lipstick and tucks in her shirt wrong. It seems like she's always right on the precipice of disaster, but she's never embarrassed or sorry about it — and never should be.

5. Her Relationship With Her Mother

MJ's mom Vida can be highly judgemental, especially when it comes to her daughter's marital status. It helps the audience to understand why someone who's MJ's age would still be so nakedly looking for approval — she never got any from her mother growing up. Watching her go to therapy and start to work on these issues has shown some real growth and made fans love MJ even more.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo