The 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Wedding Gives Us Hope For Jake & Amy's Relationship & We Couldn't Be More Excited About That

Love was in the air on this Sunday night's episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine because we had a wedding on our hands. These men and women put their lives on the line chasing down bad guys every day, but surprise, surprise, putting on a successful wedding for Charles' dad Lynn and Gina's mom Darlene proved to be the most difficult task the 99th Precinct has ever encountered. But I didn't freak out too much, because Jake and Amy partnering up in this episode to catch a criminal gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe their romantic feelings for each other aren't so ancient history after all.

First of all, can I just say that out of all of the duos on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, watching Jake and Amy together is always the most delightful. Remember when they went on that series of ridiculous dates during the Season 1 episode "The Bet"? Comedy gold. Not only can you cut the sexual tension with a knife whenever they're together, but the way Jake and Amy bust each other's chops is funny and adorable all at the same time.

Sunday night's episode was a half-hour of hilarity and chaos and love, and it was one of the best episodes of the season. This was due in part to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine gang teaming up to put on the perfect wedding for Charles and Gina's parents and failing horribly at doing so. But mostly, it was due to the fact that Jake and Amy teamed up for some crime fighting beforehand. I've missed this.

Right before Jake and Amy got to the Boyle-Linetti wedding, they took a little detour to track down the Gregor Minsk, a counterfeiter Amy has been trying to nab for years. Jake was eager to get to the wedding so he could try to win back Jenny Gildenhorn, the girl who jilted him at his bar mitzvah for some pre-teen named Eddie Fung. Jake agreed to help Amy because he understood that Minsk was Amy's Eddie Fung, but I like to think that he secretly wanted to have some alone time with her. Yeah, I'm not ashamed to admit that.

And I am so glad this happened, because I feel like they were flirting a little as they tried to take down the counterfeiter. I mean, nothing sets the mood better than Jake giving Amy the Bond girl name "Maxi Pads" and talking about the many, many butts that have been in your rented tux before yours, you know?

In the end, their partnership was so great that Jake and Amy ended up catching Minsk. Because Amy felt like their bond was so strong, she revealed that she played the French horn in high school... and still does. They also successfully found the wedding ring Jake had misplaced, and Amy proposed to Jake. OK, so she just proposed that they return to the wedding and get this thing on the road, getting the ring stuck on Jake's finger in the process, of course, but it was still cute.

Those hoping for a bit more of an explicit romantic gesture were disappointed during this episode. Though Jake didn't end up getting with Jenny since she found some rando to smooch, nothing else happened between Jake and Amy. At the end, it looked like Brooklyn Nine-Nine was going to do that cliche thing of having them slow dance together since neither of them had a date to do so with, but Amy partnered Jake up with Gina's surprisingly handsy great aunt instead. However, Jake and Amy exchanged knowing glances, so you just know we haven't heard the last of their relationship just yet.

It's actually kind of good Jake and Amy didn't get together at the end of this episode because it now gives us more time to think of an exceptional name for their relationship. Jamy? Ake? Hmmm, we'll think about it.

Images: Erica Parisse/FOX; itsbrooklyn99, the-ninenine/Tumblr