'The Walking Dead' Episode "Forget" Previews What The Gang Has To Lose In Alexandria

On tonight's Talking Dead, the sneak peek scene from next week's The Walking Dead episode with Sasha was shockingly silent. The episode was titled "Forget," which is especially chilling since tonight's episode was called "Remember." Is this referring to our characters forgetting what it's like outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, or the opposite? We already saw this week the ways they may have fogotten how to lead a normal life. It sure looked fun but, as Deanna Monroe pointed out, such a diverse group of people wouldn't normally hold a slumber party.

The Talking Dead's promo shows Sasha outside of the walls with a rifle. She seems nervous and appears to be doing some target practice, Then we see bullets hitting picture frames with photos of happy people. Were those really there, or was it some kind of dream sequence or hallucination? If you look closely, you can see someone else in the distance. This must be at least partially fantasy. Who is in those pictures? Is Sasha, as Chris Hardwick and the others speculated, losing her edge? Do the picture frames represent memories? Sasha has not been taking her recent losses well, as would be expected, and I'm excited that The Walking Dead is showing us more of her story.

This is the third time that we've seen picture frames in the second half of the fifth season of The Walking Dead. First, we saw them in Noah's house. They informed us about his twin brothers before they had Tyreese for lunch. Then, there was a stack of empty picture frames waiting at Rick and Carl's new house in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Were they put there for them to fill? That's a nice sentiment, but unless there are Polaroid cameras and film hanging around, Constable Rick is out of luck.

Another sneak peek, which AMC posted online, shows Sasha presumably preparing for that target practice by checking out her gun. She has a short conversation with the be-speckled Alexandra Safe-Zone resident named Olivia who collected them this week. Olivia talks about coffee shops, cell phones and prosciutto. It's very disconcerting for poor Sasha. Check it out.

Image: Gene Page/AMC