What Is Enid Hiding On 'The Walking Dead'? This Alexandria Safe-Zone Character Has An Odd Agenda

How weird was it to see the gang on The Walking Dead lost in the suburbs? Even Carl had forgotten how to play video games with other kids. He might have trouble adjusting with the other young residents of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, including Enid — what's her deal on The Walking Dead? We don't know that much about her, but she's super interesting and weird already. Is Carl developing another crush? Look, Beth and Sophia are gone now, Carl. Why not give young love another chance?

That said, there's something about Enid. When we first met her, the boys said that she was also pretty new to the community and that it took her weeks to say anything. It's difficult to adjust to normal kid life when you've been killing zombies and traveling on foot while also going through puberty. In fact, Carl was the first one to bring up the group's main concern about the Alexandria Safe-Zone, that it will make them "weak" if they aren't careful. Doesn't look like Carl is here to make friends. Perhaps he and Enid will get along after all. They've clearly seen more trauma than those other youths.

Later, Carl saw Enid climbing over the fence. Nobody tried to stop her. He can't have been the only one who saw her go, right? He and Rick followed her, which lead to their confrontation with a few straw Walkers. What's going on? Does Enid have a friend or a family member beyond the gate that she's visiting or tending to, living or otherwise? Is there some kind of wilderness ritual that she has to complete in order to cope with her new situation?

When Carl saw Enid at the end of the episode, he accused her of not liking him and she ignored him. Get ready, 'shippers! I know what that set-up means. I'm just fascinated to know what her secret is.

Image: Gene Page/AMC