9 College St. Patrick's Day Celebrations That Are Among The Best You'll Find In The Country

No one gets more excited about St. Patrick's Day than college students. Seriously, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in college is arguably the only way to celebrate… especially if you’re at one of these schools. With plenty of booze to go around, endless block parties, and perhaps most importantly, no work to worry about the next day (sorry to all of you who have to deal with 8 a.m. classes instead — womp), St. Patrick’s Day as an undergrad is where it’s at. Looking for a place to celebrate this year? We’ve rounded up nine of the most festive campuses in the country. Go ahead and join the party — just make sure you’re wearing green.

by Jennifer Valdez

9. SUNY College

Kicking off our list is SUNY College, thanks to its classic Kegs and Eggs block party, where of-age students devour egg sandwiches and execute keg stands in the street.

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8. Boston College

Considering Boston is home of the country’s largest Irish population, it’s not surprising Boston College made this list. The city’s St. Patricks’ Day parade takes center stage in Boston and involves the whole community — with Boston College students leading the way.

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7. University of Scranton

Scranton’s SPD parade is the second largest parade in the country, and festivities kick off the week before St. Patrick’s Day with floats, marching bands, and musical artists.


6. Missouri University

Forget one day — Missouri University celebrates Saint Patrick for 10 days straight. That’s more than a week of non-stop partying. It’s the university’s predominant cultural event of the year, and students get an additional two days off from school.


5. Penn State

Students come from all over to celebrate a day of spring break partying. The St. Paddy’s Day team strives to ensure safe participation and respect towards the community. They’ve even teamed up with Uber to provide an exclusive offer for Penn State students.

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4. Kansas State

Fake Patty’s Day is the largest spring break party at KSU with food, drinks, and everything green. The university gets a big name artist to perform at the event every year.


3. University of Illinois

The University of Illinois ranks in at No. 3 on this list thanks to what students call ”Unofficial Day.” The Friday before spring break, thousands of students kick off their break by donning green apparel and regalia and hitting up the local bars in town.


2. Miami Oxford Ohio

Miami Oxford comes in second place this year with their Green Beer Day, an alternative to St. Patrick’s Day. The Thursday before spring break, Oxford students (who are over 21, of course) are up before sunrise and dressed in their finest green gear to grab a few green beers before heading to class. Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day! And the only day that this is acceptable on campus.

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1. University of Dayton

The University of Dayton still holds the record for the best St. Patrick’s Day celebration with their massive block party filling the streets of off-campus student housing. If you’re going to go anywhere for St. Patrick’s Day this year, it better be here.

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