What's Alfred Hiding On 'Gotham'? The Butler Has A Lot Of Secrets

Between Gotham and Agent Carter, genre television this year has either been re-defining the role of the kind old butler, or re-enforcing the stereotype that "the Butler did it" — whichever story you happened to grow up with. So what exactly is Alfred Pennyworth hiding on Gotham? He's loyal to Master Bruce Wayne, but has an otherwise odd taste in associates. I mean that lightly, because he ended up in the hospital after being stabbed by a houseguest. There is clearly something that Alfred is not telling us. We know that Alfred was in the Royal Marines, and are lead to believe that this is where he acquired all of his combat skills. However, this cannot be the whole story. Remember the guy that stabbed him, Alfred's "friend" Reggie? They were allegedly former colleagues, but Reggie's fighting style and demeanor did not make me think he was ever in the Royal Marines.

As Bustle's Kayla Hawkins pointed out, the butler's comic book backstory has Alfred as a secret agent and stage actor. Is Gotham drawing from either of these? He could have been both, in my opinion. Acting is the perfect profession for a spy to harmlessly practice his or her craft without drawing any extra attention. Then we must ask ourselves why Alfred Pennyworth became a butler. Who really hired him, and for what purpose?

There's also the connection that Reggie has to Wayne Enterprises, which could be fatal for Bruce Wayne. I mean, in theory. I am 99.9 percent certain that Bruce Wayne is not going to die on Gotham. It's just a hunch I have. However, Wayne Enterprises sent Reginald in to find out how much Bruce has on their dirty dealings and kill him if necessary. There's a chance that Reg might turn against the corporation, but it still raises questions about Alfred. Did Wayne Enterprises just hire Reggie because he is a friend of Mr. Pennyworth, or is the butler working for Wayne Enterprises as well? He wasn't too keen on Bruce going into the office to meet with the board. It's possible that he knows more than he's letting on or is working for the corporate enemy.

Here's a different thought. What if Reggie and Alfred were early members of the League of Assassins? That would be an interesting link to the DC Comics universe. Alfred is already training Bruce to fight, so I wouldn't be surprised if those two characters had a connection. Ra's may be a character on Arrow right now, but that doesn't mean the two shows can't tell their own versions of the same story. It'll become unavoidable at some point. Bruce and Oliver Queen share more than a brooding spirit and the burden of justice.

What's most concerning right now is that young Bruce is looking into Reggie, the attack on Alfred, and the corruption at his father's company. How much danger will he get himself into before then? According to the promo for Monday's episode, even Selina Kyle advises him against snooping. As cool as it is to see that child's vigilante spirit blossom on Gotham, what will he find out about his beloved guardian in the process?

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy