Kelly Clarkson Can't Believe We're Still Talking About Gay Rights & She Means That In The Best Way Possible

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson continues to be an inspiration, which she's proven time and time again through her words, music, and lyrics. And in a recent interview with PrideSource, Kelly Clarkson talked about gay rights and how she can't believe they are something we're still discussing. The singer doesn't mean that gay rights shouldn't be talked about or fought for, but that it boggles her mind that equal rights haven't yet been achieved. For her, "love is love." It's as simple as that, and she believes everyone should see it that way too. She said,

I think it's silly that we're still talking about gay rights. I just live in this world where people are accepted, so it's very hard for me to even realize that that still exists. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around it. That (gay couple) was a no-brainer, and I didn't even think, "Oh, I'm making a statement for gay rights." I was making a statement for the loss of love and the hope that you can still find it, regardless of what form that comes in. It wasn't a purposeful thing. Love is love in whatever relationship it may be in.

In the above quote, the "gay couple" Clarkson is referring to is the one in her new music video for "Heartbeat Song." The video follows a variety of people in love, including a gay couple, who actually got engaged on set of the music video. How sweet and romantic is that?

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Clarkson admits she didn't cast the video, but I have no doubt that if she would've been in charge she would have cast gay couples too. The singer is no stranger to the LGBT community, especially when it comes to her music. She believe that "fans are fans," no matter their sexual orientation, and revealed,

I have a connection, but I don't look at it differently. I don't ever look at a fan as a gay fan or a lesbian fan or a straight fan — I don't ever look at that. Fans are fans, and no matter what our lives are like, no matter what path we're on, music is the one thing that connects us.

How can you not admire Clarkson for the way she stands up for others and inspires? You know she has a gift when she can move you to tears through spoken words, just like she does when she sings.

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