'Orphan Black' Season 3 Trailer Has Arrived So Get Excited For More Clone Action — VIDEO

Get ready to see double — BBC series Orphan Black returns this spring, and it promises a ton of clone action. For those of you not yet initiated into the Clone Club, the show follows Sarah, a woman who becomes entangled in a conspiracy after learning that she's not the only person on the planet walking around with her face. Now, a new trailer for Orphan Black Season 3 has been released, and the new season is taking us deeper into the political and scientific conspiracy it introduced in the pilot. It's going to be one hell of a ride for Sarah and her DNA duplicates, and I can't wait to tag along.

(Warning: spoilers for Season 2 of Orphan Black ahead!) In Season 2, we learn that Sarah and her sister clones aren't the only copies walking around, and there's a disturbing reason why that is. In the final moments of Season 2 we learn that Project Castor has produced male clones to act as super-soldiers for the military, and that Marc, the man we followed throughout the season, is one of them — though it's unclear whether or not he knows it. The new season will introduce a war between the clones and those fighting for control of them, and like the first teaser forebodes, "those with power do not give it up easily."

So what will happen in Season 3? Right now the only definite answer is chaos. Loyalties will shift, power will be fought for, and threats will be carried out. Can all of the clones survive the new season? Can Sarah regain control of her life? We'll start finding out when the series premieres on Saturday, April 18 on BBC America. Until then, check out the trailer below.