'Fargo' Series Stars Everyone You Love

We were on board when we found out Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, and Colin Hanks would be starring in FX's limited series, Fargo, a reboot of the 1996 Oscar-nominated film from the Coen brothers. But now, FX is giving us no choice but to sit in front of our television screens impatiently until next spring, when we can finally see the series bow. Because the network just announced via press release that Fargo will also star Bob Odenkirk, Kate Walsh, Oliver Platt, and Glenn Howerton. That's right: Breaking Bad's Odenkirk, Private Practice's Walsh, X-Men's Platt, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Howerton. It really is the television equivalent of an ice cream-filled pannekoeken, ya?

Though the series is not a shot-for-shot remake of the series, it will still focus on a crime, complete with "the trademark humor, murder and 'Minnesota nice'" from the original movie, according to the press release. As for what the lovely people above will play in the series? Odenkirk has been tapped as a deputy (a far cry from his crime-ridden Saul); Platt will portray "the Supermarket King of Minnesota" (paging "The Wiz"!); Walsh will play a former stripper and mother; and Howerton has been tapped to play a personal trailer. Which is perfect, because:

So, you ask, are we excited for Fargo? What more can we say than: You betcha!