Breaking: Jared Cut All His Hair Off (Probably)

by Augusta Statz

Yes, it is in fact a sad, sad day, everyone. And it’s time to pay homage to one of Hollywood’s most beloved: Jared Leto has cut his hair. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, here. But, it is in fact true that Leto’s long ombre hair is (probably) no more. So, no more man buns. Or man braids. I know, I know. Take a minute to let it sink in.

Better? As good as you can be, I imagine, given the news. Why? WHY, you may be asking yourself. Well, all we know for sure is it’s got something to do with his new role as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. And who’s responsible for this treacherous act? You can blame the movie’s director, Daivid Ayers, for that. He posted a very threatening photo of scissors being held to Leto’s ponytail with the caption, "Should We?" Umm, no, you shouldn't! But then, he very maybe possibly did. Hours later, our hearts were wrenched once again when a photo of Leto with short hair (circa 2010) was posted. The beard’s gone, too, you guys. Not quite as shocking, but still.

In memoriam: Leto’s perfectly maintained luscious locks will forever be remembered not only for how handsome they made Jared Leto look (even though he will remain handsome sans the locks, this is a time of grieving, people!), but also for how they changed red carpet hairstyles for men. Gone are the days of lilac suits with hair hanging proudly, forever changing our idea of what it was to look good in Givenchy. Ahhh. Jared Leto’s hair — just know, you will be truly missed.

P.S. David Ayers, I’m sorry in advance for any hate mail you may receive. You know what you did!