Kristen Isn't Alone In Chanel's Newest Campaign

by Alexa Tucker

Originally, she seemed like an incredibly unlikely choice for a spokeswoman role at one of the world's most storied fashion houses, but Kristen Stewart's 3-Girls-3-Bags Chanel campaign is helping me understand why she was actually a perfect fit for the classic brand. Starring alongside Vanessa Paradis and Alice Dellal, K. Stew embodies Chanel's 11.12 bag in the ad, while Paradis reps The Girl bag and Dellal touts The Boy.

Sporting edgy hair, a black leather skirt, and her signature moody pout, Stewart poses with the 11.12 slung over her cool-girl black jacket and, y'know, broods. "For me the iconic handbag is just like the House of Chanel, fundamental and modern, two qualities not usually shared," she says in the campaign. Doctored and crafted as that quote may be (c'mon, we've all seen her in interviews and there's no way those words actually came out of her mouth,) it does make sense.

Vanessa Paradis' shot borders a bit more on the scandalous side, with The Girl bag strategically covering her backside as she stands facing away from the camera. Those pearl necklaces, though, are definitely swoon-worthy enough to make up for the lack of outfit — the accessory envy is real right now. And Alice Dellal, who, granted, I didn't know about before this campaign, has that punky British It Girl thing going on in her section.

Bag-wise, I still love Stewart's 11.12 the most, but maybe that has something to do with me finally coming around to her as a Chanel girl. I should know by now not to question Karl's judgement, because he always knows best (obviously.)

Images: vonch, crfashionbook, chanel/Twitter