Help #HeForShe Out For International Women's Day

The next move for He For She's fight for gender equality is approaching, and it's very fitting: Emma Watson's hosting a He For She Q&A on International Women's Day. When is International Women's Day, you ask? That'd be Sunday, March 8. It's a day you should be paying attention to in general — but a He For She event is certainly a fitting way to spend it. And in the meantime, Watson could use your help.

Watson made some waves back in September when she debuted the campaign, making her debut as a UN Goodwill Ambassador through a speech asking men to take up the fight for gender equality alongside women. The campaign's been progressing steadily since then, and Watson will once again be flexing her title and her role Sunday when she answers questions about the campaign and gender equality in general.

Audiences worldwide will be able to watch and take part in the Q&A, but if you're in London there's an extra special option: If you'd like to actually be there for the event you can apply for it by submitting your story of how you're "making a personal impact to advance gender equality," and/or how gender inequality has affected your life. You can submit those here; you can also use that form to submit questions for the event.