The Women's Faces During Kelsey's 'Women Tell All' Interview Tell A Story All Their Own

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Kelsey Poe went quickly from sad widow to villain on this season's Bachelor. I hate to say this about anyone, but she is a strangely unlikable person. Probably because she goes around thinking people don't like her because she "uses big words." But Kelsey was back for Monday's Women Tell All to tell her side of the story, and apologize to some of the girls she'd wronged, which included Ashley I., who she called Kardashian-fake and then said was way beneath her.

It was hella rude at the time, and then Kelsey got in the hot seat Monday and got all pompous about things. "How do you evaluate humanity?” she asked Chris Harrison as a way to get out of the fact that she did evaluate Ashley, and very poorly at that.

Although I do agree with Britt that the women shouldn't joke about Kelsey inventing her husband, I also think they were right in being annoyed with her. Both on the show and at the Women Tell All she was over-the-top with her verbose explanations of why she was so disliked. It's not surprising that many of the show's contestants reacted to her speech with confusion, disbelief, and frustration. Here are 11 of the best faces they made while Kelsey was talking. And they tell a story all their own.

Image: David Moir/ABC

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