15 Colorful Recipes To Spruce Up Your Dull And Dreary Winter Menu And Get You Thinking About Spring

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If I could do a perfect song-and-dance combo routine to tell you just how flippin' excited I am that it's finally March, I would. Thankfully, you'll just have to imagine my excitement, because it is finally freakin' March. And though temperatures haven't risen too far out of the 30s yet, hope — and hotter days — are well on their way. And thankfully, so are springtime recipes.

I'm not much of a winter-weather complainer (I'm an Aquarius, so kill me), but the last two weeks of February gave me a run for my money. Everything was miserable. Work was awful. My partner was number one on my hit list. I couldn't even make it to the gym. I was constantly tired and lethargic. I needed two cups of coffee just to make it to the subway. And the one thing I love more than anything — food! — tasted bland, boring, and utterly uninspired. Like I said, the end of February really took its toll on me.

And while I'm thankful as all hell we're finally out of the rabbit hole and on to bluer skies (did I just jinx myself?), there's one February frump that's stayed with me: boring dishes. Cooking, no matter the season, has always been my saving grace. I get in the kitchen and poof! All the stress of the day melts away and it's just me, my sauté pan, and a heavenly recipe I can't wait to sneak bites of. But lately, like everything at the tail end of the season, I'm itching for brighter colors, rejuvenating flavors, and perky pops of punch.

So I spent a little time thinking about how my food might improve my mood (step away from the cupcakes, girl), and decided if I can't will it to be summer outside quite yet, the least I can do is give my over-eager belly a little taste. Here are 15 colorful recipes to get you dreaming about spring.

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