Boris Nemtsov's Funeral In Moscow Is Attended By Thousands — PHOTOS

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Thousands waited in line on a frigid day in Moscow to get a glimpse of the coffin of Boris Nemtsov, the Russian opposition leader who was assassinated on Friday in the shadows of the Kremlin. A long-time foe of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Nemtsov was a one-time political star who became more of a rogue figure during Putin's reign. A supporter of Ukraine independence and a champion of democracy, Nemtsov was controversial over the last decade for his outspoken criticism of Putin, even predicting that his political work would get him killed. The 55-year-old opposition leader was scheduled to speak on Sunday at a rally protesting Putin's policies, including the ongoing military conflict in eastern Ukraine.

On Tuesday, thousands in Moscow gathered around Nemtsov's open coffin. Pallbearers carried his body through the streets during a memorial service, as mourners carried red carnations and held up messages for the slain leader.

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