Carrie Underwood Is A Mama!

The time has come, people of Earth. A brand new bundle of Country music and American Idol royalty has been brought upon us. Get excited, because Carrie Underwood just announced the birth of her new baby boy. Being as demure as always, Underwood took to Twitter to relay the amazing news to her followers that she has officially become a mother, foregoing all the glitz and glamour of a hyped up magazine spread. She was even so kind as to share a precious picture of her son, announcing, "Tiny hands and tiny feet... God has blessed us with an amazing gift! Isaiah Michael Fisher - born February 27."

This is the first child for Underwood and her Hockey player husband, Mike Fisher, who I'd assume is the inspiration for little Isaiah's strong yet traditional middle name. This incredibly normal celebrity name will certainly carry him throughout his life, from his time on the playground to his professional life. And just think about it, in addition to a level-headedness, what an incredibly lucky little boy Isaiah is to inherit those amazing genes that have blessed both his mom and dad — beauty, brawn, and talent. And yes, while Underwood is still very new at the whole "being a mom" thing, she's proven time and again she excels in uncertain situations. So, if her incredibly successful career has been any indication, I'm sure the American Idol alum will tackle motherhood with the same fervor, care, and dedication, if not more.

Congrats to the happy family!