Courtney Stodden Continues Her Quest To Look Like the Youngest Real Housewife Ever

Look. It's Friday. It's a slow news day, and Courtney Stodden DID SOMETHING, so let's just all smile and get this over with now so we can all go back to our Courtney Stodden-free lives like nothing ever happened. OK. So, in her question to either become Plastic Courtney 2.0, or possibly the youngest Real Housewife ever, Courtney Stodden visited Dr. Paul Nassif recently to get some ill-advised lip injections. Then she posted about it on Twitter, because she's a 19-year-old with an attention complex and way too much time on her hands.

"@DrPaulNassif thx for my new pout & having such a kind energy about you," Courtney tweeted after the procedure. "You make your patients feel so comfortable :) Will tweet pic soon x." Then she did, approximately 30 minutes later.

If you don't know who Nassif is, the guy is Adrienne Maloof's estranged husband, and has appeared on a ton of episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So, it was like a meeting of the D listers. No, lower — the W listers.

Anyway, there's the picture of Courtney's new lips below. They don't look that much different, but I don't exactly spend my time staring at pictures of Courtney Stodden and examining her lips. They definitely look puffed up, though, which is fitting since she pretty much did the same to her breasts a few months ago.