'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I' Honest Trailer Says What Everyone Is Thinking About Peeta — VIDEO

I'm a pretty huge Hunger Games fan, but even I have to admit that separating the final book into two separate movies was a super lame move. Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay is by no means a bad book, but the consensus amongst fans has always seemed to be that it was the weakest one of the trilogy. So what happens when the weakest novel is separated into two (long) movies? It turns out not much... at all. Which is exactly what YouTube producers ScreenJunkies proved with their "honest trailer" for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part I or, as they call it, "Where's Peeta? Part I."

This honest trailer isn't shy about calling out some of Mockingjay: Part I's weakest points. You can be a huge fan and still think that watching Katniss walk around hallways aimlessly and cry about Peeta for two hours isn't exactly the most enthralling action that the Hunger Games franchise has ever shown us. You can also, as the honest trailer so bitingly points out, think that the tortured "Peeta Pocket" is a far less worthy suitor for Katniss than the strapping Gale. (But, you know... only if you're #TeamGale and everything.)

Here are the most honest things about Mockingjay: Part I that ScreenJunkies gave us in their version of the trailer.

"Prepare for a climax that won't come until you pay for the next one."

Yep. There's only so much you can stretch, plot-wise, to give both parts of the film a significant place to climb to.

The repetition

The trailer points out the infuriating "President Snow? President Snow are you there? It's Katniss? HELLO?!" scene, but could really have been talking about the entire movie. Especially when it comes to...

The importance of Peeta

I love Peeta too, but anyone else find Katniss' sudden overwhelming obsession with his safety (and only his alone) a little questionable? As the trailer points out, the revolution is about everyone...

Peeta's "humiliating little outfits"

So happy I'm not the only one completely disturbed by how small Peeta's neck seems here.

Gale remaining super hot and super unappreciated

Damn, is Liam Hemsworth a beautiful creature.

The new title

I mean, yeah. Pretty much.

Images: Lionsgate (5); ScreenJunkies/YouTube