Christie Brinkley Spills Her Beauty Secrets

by Jessica Willingham

When a supermodel as gorgeous as Christie Brinkley shares her tips to looking as fabulous at 61-years-old as she does, we all listen. Which is why I've studied her recent interview with The Cut where Christie Brinkley spills her beauty secrets, health tips and general reasons for looking amazeballs. The best part? There's no crash diet in sight. Brinkley, we bow down.

Honestly, I couldn't think of a better inside beauty source. Brinkley was discovered as a model in Paris in the early '70s and went on to be the only model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated three times — in a row. Since then, she's walked thousands of runways, launched a skin care line, starred on Broadway and is now writing a book on health and wellness. How's that for successful?

Because there's much to learn from the senior supermodel, I decided to round up the best bits of Brinkley-wisdom from her interview. So bust out your notebook and night creams because Brinkley is about to take y'all to beauty school.

1. Above all, be grateful

"Every facet of your life contributes to your well-being. My whole day is based on a foundation of gratitude, and that is what sustains, supports, and propels me through my day. Most people will agree that when they feel good, they look good, and when they don’t feel well, they don’t look as well."

2. Identifying as a "Flexible Vegan" is a thing

"I call myself a flexible vegan because, you know, Italy exists. Mozzarella and pasta exist." And thank God above they do, Brinkley.

3. Inspiration is in the coffee

"I use So Delicious Hazelnut coffee creamer, which is less bad than some of the things you can put in there. And I like to, when I put my foam in the cup, look at it and get inspired to do a drawing." Drink up, folks.

4. You don't have to be skinny to be a model

"In my early days as a model, I looked at the other models and was like — I’m not cut out for this, I don’t look like the other girls, and immediately started eating less. That wasn’t good, because what they liked about me was that I was different. They seemed to like the fact that you couldn’t see my bones."

5. Life doesn't end at 30

"Back when I first starting modeling, people said that you would be over by the time you’re 30. I took that as Well yeah, but I’ll have moved on to other things, so that’s fine. Little did I know that I would actually love it so much and have such a good time and that opportunities would continue to present themselves."

6. Numbers are not necessary

"Our country has trained people to feel a certain way about reaching certain ages. This [Barney's] ad is a way to break that down and be yourself and not feel constrained by any of these numbers. I love this industry. It’s been amazing for me and I see how so many models have been able to carve out really interesting careers." Get it, girl.

7. Ditch the diets

"I tried some pretty weird diets in the beginning. I did everything from juice fasting to eating one kind of food at a time, to eating a grapefruit first before everything. The only thing that really lasts is a well-balanced diet." Preach, Brinkley!

I mean, if she told me her secret to looking that sexy at 61 is eating two tablespoons of horse shit every night before bed, I'd probably do it. But practicing gratitude and eating cheese? That I can do, no problem.

Images: Getty;@chrisitebrinkley/Instagram