Will 'Mockingjay: Part II' Feature Annie? Yes & It's Sure To Be Super Sad

We're a mere eight months away from the last installment of The Hunger Games film franchise, which means that Mockingjay: Part II will have to tie up any and all of our favorite characters' loose ends. And right now, there are plenty of them: When we last saw Katniss, she was confronted with the fact that her beloved friend and Hunger Games partner Peeta was hijacked. But Katniss isn't the only one who had a returned love brought back to her after the rescue mission at the Capitol. Finnick's longtime girlfriend Annie was also brought back, reuniting the star-crossed lovers. So will we see the redheaded Annie in Mockingjay: Part II? All signs point to yes — and it'll probably be super sad too.

(Warning: Spoilers for Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay ahead.)

The actress who portrays Annie, Stef Dawson, is confirmed to return for the sequel, and she'll have far more to work with in the new movie. Sadly, Annie's tale probably won't be a happy one in the sequel: In the final Hunger Games novel, Annie, who has PTSD from watching her first Hunger Games partner be decapitated in the games, will sadly watch her one true love meet the same fate at the hands of the cruel Capitol. Finnick is killed by the Capitol's lizard mutts while fighting for the rebellion, and it's as heartbreaking in the novel as one might expect for poor Annie. Because of Finnick's death, Annie takes a more active role in the rebellion, and later in the novel sends Katniss a photograph of her and Finnick's child.

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Make sure you have a box of tissues on hand come November — Annie's story is sure to be a tearjerker.

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