'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Trip To Amsterdam Kicks Off With An Explosive Fight Between Kim Richards & Lisa Rinna

Well, well, well. We may be in a new city during Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , but we're still seeing the same old drama, natch. The ladies of the 90210 just landed in Amsterdam, and already Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna are at each other's throats.

But like... literally. Lisa R. actually reached for Kim's throat after she threatened to reveal some deep, dark secret about her husband Harry Hamlin? What is it exactly that Kim knows about Harry that no one else seems to have any clue about? And how did things escalate so quickly?

Well, we don't know what Kim's special intel is about Harry yet. Perhaps that will come out later in the episode, and if not, hopefully by the reunion. However, I will happily recount why Lisa R. was tempted to grab Kim's neck. It bears repeating.

So as you know, ever since Lisa R. shared the car ride from Hell with Kim on the way to Eileen's poker party, when Kim's behavior was oddly aggressive and erratic, she has been on a mission to convince everyone to get some help for Kim since it appeared that she had broken her three-year sobriety. This eventually got back to Kim, which resulted in the airplane ride from Hell during last Tuesday night's episode when Kim told Lisa R. to knock it off.

Lisa R. agreed to drop it, but we all knew that wasn't going to be that. During their first meal in Amsterdam, Yolanda Foster, who organized the whole trip to her home country, for some reason invited the ladies to share something that would connect them all on a deeper level. Big mistake. Huge.

That's when Lisa R. revealed that, in addition to Harry's brothers dying from alcoholism, her sister passed away from a drug and alcohol overdose when she was only 21 years old. Lisa brought this up to show why she is so sensitive to other people's struggles with addiction, but Kim was not having this. She shut Lisa R. down before any sort of sentimental moment could be shared and basically told her to mind her own "biz wax," which is the term Kim used in the previous episode. For the record, the phrase is either "mind your own business" or "bees wax." It's not both.

So Kim flipped out and immediately threatened to reveal something about Lisa R.' husband. Kyle started crying as Kim told her that their sister Kathy Hilton is more supportive and basically a better sister. Ouch. Eileen Davidson tried to diffuse the situation — again — and that ended with Kim calling her a "beast." There are many thoughts that come to mind when I think of Eileen, but "beast" is not one of them.

The meal ended with Lisa R. throwing a glass at Kim, and this time it was out of real rage. It was none of that pretend soap opera nonsense Brandi Glanville tried to concoct earlier in the season when she threw a glass at Eileen.

Though there were threats of people leaving Amsterdam early, the group splitting up, or Lisa R. never speaking to Kim again, the situation took a complete 180-degree turn by the next morning. Kim and Lisa R. talked it out, telling each other where they were coming from, and everything was OK. Wow, that was anticlimactic. But like, who isn't a little cranky when they're jet lagged?

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