Brandi & Kyle Need To Chill Out On 'RHOBH'

If your idea of a good time is watching a bunch of middle-aged women who barely like each other partake in some pot, then you're in luck! The end of Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was all about the ladies visiting a coffee shop during their trip to Amsterdam, and they didn't just order up some skinny lattes, if you know what I mean. This is definitely for the best, because these ladies need to chill out, especially Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards.

The Housewives just had a ginormous feud right when they got to Amsterdam, which was fueled by Lisa Rinna getting all up in Kim Richards' "biz wax." Well, that conflict resolved faster than you can say "Stranger at the Pentagon." Kim excused herself from the coffee shop festivities because, you know, drugs, and I got a chill thinking that the best Amsterdam drama was far behind us. Oh that was so not the case.

As the ladies looked at the hashish offerings at the coffee shop, many of them acted like they had no idea what weed is, much less ever smoked it. However, Brandi looked like a pot pro, pointing out the flowering time to the ladies and explaining how to roll a joint. But Brandi was not amused at all with their holier than thou attitude toward marijuana, and she decided to let them know that.

She did a preliminary call out in the coffee shop, asking why Kyle acted like she had never smoked pot before when Brandi had witnessed it firsthand. Kyle said she didn't want to bring it up because of her children, which is what the rest of the ladies said. That seemed to satiate Brandi... for a hot second.

After Lisa Vanderpump, Eileen Davidson, and Lisa Rinna nibbled on an edible, and the ladies sauntered back to their hotel, Brandi really let them have it. Unfortunately, no one was high enough to deal with the wrath of Brandi. She said all of the ladies were hypocrites for criticizing her parenting, acting like they never do anything wrong, and getting mad at Brandi when she has an opinion about their bad behavior. Kyle tried to defend herself, but Brandi wasn't hearing any of it, and the blow-up was really one sided with none of the Housewives really acknowledging Brandi's feelings.

This whole thing was very odd and unexpected. A minute ago, Brandi was saying how she was thankful for not being the source of the drama between Lisa R. and Kim, and now she stirred it up for no reason.

You know what I think? I think Brandi is so self-centered that she can't stand not being in the spotlight, so she stirs up drama to grab all of the attention once again. I think that's what happened here, because there was really no reason for Brandi to make a whole thing out of the coffee shop conversation. Seeing as how the teaser for next Tuesday's episode shows Brandi calling Eileen "a home wrecker" and actually slapping Lisa V.'s face, I'd say that's an accurate assessment.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo; realitytvgifs/Tumblr (2)