Bethenny's 'RHONYC' Audition Tape Is Awesome

Even though her talk show is in deep trouble, the woman can't stop, won't stop. Last week, Bethenny Frankel grilled Kate Gosselin on her finances, but this time, it was Bethenny who was in the hot seat. Bravo executive and the man closest to our hearts, Andy Cohen, will be on Bethenny Monday, Oct. 14 and there's a sneak peek of the segment floating around in which Cohen surprises his host with a blast from the past: Bethenny Frankel's Real Housewives of New York audition tape. Good one, Andy.

Bethenny seems legitimately shocked by the tape, and proceeds to cringe herself into a ball as the footage rolls on and on. Thing is, though, the video isn't that embarrassing. It shows a 36-year-old Bethenny and her dog Cookie as they travel around NYC in a chauffeured black car, ostensibly in a rush to meet up with all the celebrities for whom cooks healthy and delicious meals. Frankel describes herself as a "natural foods chef" about a zillion times in the footage and rattles off a lot of B list stars who have employed her.

The funniest part about the whole exchange, though, is when in the audition, Bethenny reveals that she loves Jill Zarin. She tells a little story about how Zarin calls her a "skinny bitch", which seems foreshadowing in retrospect, as she explained to Andy. INDEED.

Question: what do you think the odds are that Zarin will use this as an opportunity to sue Bethenny for reappropriating "skinny bitch" into the multi-million dollar empire, SkinnyGirl? Watch your fortune, Frankel — Zarin might want a slice.

Andy Cohen will be on Bethenny Monday, Oct. 14.