Paris Hilton's Brother Conrad Hilton To Plead Guilty To Assault After Threatening Plane Passengers & Calling Them "Peasants"

Paris Hilton's younger brother Conrad has been in some big trouble with the law after flipping out on a plane last summer, but it looks like he's finally ready to face the music. Reportedly, Conrad Hilton has agreed to plead guilty to assault for allegedly threatening to kill his fellow passengers and calling them "peasants" on a flight back in July, according to People.

Witnesses on the British Airways flight alleged that Hilton, 20, screamed profanities at both the flight crew and passengers on a flight from London to Los Angeles. Authorities say that his tirade lasted throughout nearly the entire 10 and a half hour flight. He allegedly dropped the f-bomb nearly 25 times, while yelling threats at people, such as, "I am going to f--king kill you!" and "I will f--king own anyone on this flight … they are f--king peasants." He allegedly became so angry that he even punched the plane's bulkhead, which was not far from a flight attendant's face.

Hilton signed an agreement on March 3 to plead guilty to the misdemeanor. He is due to appear in court on March 5, but he will officially plead guilty to the crime at another time.

The maximum sentence for the offense is six months in jail, a year of probation, and a $5,000 fine. Reportedly, prosecutors in the Hilton case will only ask the judge to give him probation, rather than including jail time and the fine. After his initial arrest, Hilton was released on a $100,000 unsecured bond and was told to continue mental health treatment.

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His defense lawyer, Robert Shapiro, who is a friend of the Hilton family, said that Hilton's behavior may have been due to the effects of a sleeping pill. Hilton said at the time he was angry over a breakup with his girlfriend. Now, Shapiro has said he just received the most recent documents and would have to review them with Hilton before making any further comment on the case.

We will have to stay tuned to see how this plays out in court.

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