One Twin Baby Makes Her Sister Laugh By Blowing Spit Raspberries, And All Is Right With The World — VIDEO


If you wanted to start you day with something so freaking adorable that it makes you almost literally poop yourself, then you've come to the right place: These twin babies making each other laugh are probably the most lovable things on earth. One laughs hysterically while the other one makes spit raspberries. It's cute, but also gross, because the baby making the raspberries has a chin covered in slimy baby spit-up, which we all know is disgusting but which we all also pretend we're totally okay about getting all over our shoulder when we're holding a baby because it's just a stupid baby and it doesn't know proper spit decorum yet.

Anyway, these two little gals are so in sync with each other, you'll be heart warmed by that creepy twin thing. The twin causing the laughter seems to know whatever she's doing is making her sister laugh (you can see it in her eyes, the way she looks up at the other one), which puts the level of awesomeness of this whole thing at brain exploding. So the only question left is, "Are you ready to have your brain exploded with adorableness?" (The answer always being "Yes, duh!"). Watch below and wish that you had a baby, a twin, or twin babies:

Kyoot on YouTube

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