15 Recipes Using Breakfast Cereal — Because That Box Isn't Going To Finish Itself

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Whether you’re 12 or 112, there’s one thing we can pretty much all agree on: Breakfast cereal (and any recipe using breakfast cereal) is yummy. Not only does it hit your taste buds in a way that only something LOADED with carbohydrates can do, but it also hits you right in the sweet spot where comfort meets nostalgia. We all love cereal so much that we collectively have cupboards upon cupboards full of almost-empty boxes that we just can’t bear to part with…but that’s all about to change!

For your eating pleasure, I’ve compiled 15 of the most lip-smackingly good recipes that incorporate breakfast cereals in super creative, unexpected ways to help you clean out your cereal cupboard in the most painless, delicious way possible. And trust me: "They're grrrrreat!" Awww, Tony the Tiger would be so proud!

Image: Averie Cooks

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