'Seinfeld' Actor Daniel von Bargen Dies & Leaves Behind Impressive Resume That Includes Way More Than Mr. Kruger

In sad news for Seinfeld and Mr. Kruger fans, actor Daniel von Bargen died at 64 on Sunday after battling a undisclosed illness, according Bargen's friend and fellow actor Bob Colonna. Bargen, a character actor, was best known for playing George Costanza's boss on Seinfeld, in addition to his role as Commandant Edwin Spangler on the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

Colonna released the following statement about his late friend:

I feel a huge wave of sorrow and relief at the passing of this remarkable man, Dan Von Bargen. I treasure the years when I worked with him at Trinity Rep and in a couple of TV films. I admire his excellent body of work in the movies. And I mourn for the darkness and pain that were his final years. God bless him. He was a hell of a guy.

Bargen was born on June 5, 1950 in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he grew up. Eventually, he moved with his family to Southern California. As he got older, Bargen decided to practice his talent by attending Purdue University, where he majored in drama. From his role in the The Postman to starring in the last season of Seinfeld to having a role in Silence of the Lambs, Bargen's acting resume was filled with many, many roles. He even acting in several notable films, including Philadelphia, Crimson Tide, and Woody Allen's Shadow and Fog.

During his most recent years, Bargen battled diabetes, while also suffering from other issues. On Feb. 22, 2012, Bargen shot himself in the temple attempting to commit suicide. Even though he survived, his health worsened and his cause of death still remains unknown.

Let's take the time to remember Bargen for his work and true acting talents with this "Best of Mr. Kruger" video, which shows some of his top moments from Seinfeld.

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