How To Keep Your Hair Straight For 48 Hours

For someone who loves (and makes a living writing about) fashion and beauty, living in Florida can be a little frustrating. Everyone thinks that Florida is all sunshine and smiles, but the truth is that there is nothing more annoying than planning a cute head-to-toe ensemble and fixing your hair and makeup, only to have it all melt off as soon as you step outside. When you add a busy, on-the-go lifestyle into the mix, your makeup and hair barely stand a chance. So, naturally, when I heard that L'Oréal Paris has a line of hair products that claims to keep your hair straight for up to 48 hours, I was intrigued. I was especially intrigued by the promise of the "perfecting balm." (Perfection in a tube is something you should never turn down. ) No longer having to pack a straightener in my bag to fix mid-afternoon frizz? Sign me up. I headed to the drugstore to pick up L'Oréal's Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight products to see if they had what it takes to combat my daily routine, from high-impact activities like jogging to low-impact ones like going out for dinner with my boyfriend...which despite being low-impact, comes with high beauty expectations. Could these four products allow me to achieve my dream of straight hair for TWO whole days? Read on for my results.

Day 1, 10 a.m.

First things first — or rather, four things first. The multi-step system involves a shampoo, pre-conditioner, conditioner, and "perfecting balm." I tried out the shampoo and conditioner in the shower. The shampoo is light and fresh, and the conditioner really gives your hair a needed boost of moisture without weighing it down. Oh, also—they smell amazing. The pre-conditioner was a new experience for me, so I was curious if the added step was going to make any difference.

L'Oréal's Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight, $8, Amazon

After running the conditioning balm through my damp mane, I blow dried and then straightened my hair, which I think is the best way to utilize the straightening power of the products. My hair straightened faster than usual and felt smooth, healthy, and light — all great things. Sometimes products make my hair feel greasy or weighed down, and that wasn't the case here.

Day 1, 2 p.m.

The first day I rocked my straight hair, it was literally in the 80s all day long. I stepped outside for some iced coffee and later for a run. It was the first blistering day of spring (we don't really have winter here, sorry Northerners), and I was pretty convinced my hair would go from straight to wavy almost immediately after my workout. The reality: it stayed straight both in and then out of a ponytail!

Day 1, 4 p.m.

When I went to get some coffee later, not only was it still in the 80s, but it was also incredibly windy. A nice, steamy breeze. Not only is it the opposite of refreshing, it also does NOTHING for your hair. But, still, my hair stayed mostly straight with just the ends flipping out a little here and there. So far, so good.

And in case you didn't believe me about the wind...

Day 2, 9 a.m.

I woke up the next morning expecting my hair to be a little wild, and while it certainly wasn't completely perfect, it definitely stayed straight overnight. No major waves or baby curls (I have these random short, tiny curls near the base of my neck that pop up on a whim) appeared, which is impressive in itself.

Day 2, 11 a.m.

I was running late so I rushed out of bed and had only a few minutes to meet a friend. My hair was still straight, so all I had to do was run my fingers through it and throw it up in a baby bun. I headed out the door, and it was even HOTTER today. I was sweating a bit throughout the end of the walk, but my hair stayed pretty much completely straight.

Day 2, 7 p.m.

After a long day of writing, there's really nothing I wanted more than a dinner date with my boyfriend. We decided to walk downtown to grab a slice or two (or five) of pizza at a local restaurant ... because, let's be honest, when is pizza a bad idea? Never. The answer is never.

The look? Casual, but cute — that was the goal, anyway. Usually I have to at least run a flat iron through my hair before we go out, but there wasn't any need. I thought for sure my hair would get wavy by this point, and while it certainly did have a little more frizz than the day before, it still stayed straighter than it usually does outside, which is a plus.

The Verdict

Would I style my hair with the full L'Oréal Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight four-product set again? If I'm shooting for a straight style, it will be my go-to line. After trying multiple straight hair products, the Ultimate Straight collection really made my hair stay on point and humidity-proof for two days. Maybe it was the pre-conditioner, maybe it was the formula, but regardless, I'll definitely be using it again.

L'Oréal's Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight, $8, Amazon

This post was sponsored by L'Oréal Advanced Hair Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight, L'Oréal's first haircare system able to seal in straight style for up to 48 hours*.

*Based on using complete system with heat styling tools.