'Shark Tank's BedRyder Makes Grown-Up Car Seats

Last year through some crazy circumstances, I ended up renting a Mazda 5 — which is essentially a minivan. Mind you, I am a single lady with 0 children and I chose it, figuring this was my chance to drive something new for a bit. The rumors are true: They have a ton of space, a ton of seats, and the seats can be removed. I couldn't believe this magical vehicle existed. While that minivan came equipped with removable seats, what about if you need to add some more? That's where BedRyder comes in, a product making its Shark Tank debut on Friday night, which will give you that additional seating you crave.

Of course, the question remains whether the sharks will bite on these install-able bucket seats that can turn your pick-up truck into a four-seater and that trunk space into a ride-able area. The BedRyders, which are already available on the product's website, come complete with their own frame, two seats, and seatbelts, because you know, safety first. But exactly how safe are they and how do they work? I also wonder about how often they'd be useful. My friends who have pick-up trucks have long gotten accustomed to turning people away by shrugging and saying, "I'd give all of you a ride, but, you know... I only have two seats." Perhaps the BedRyder is enough to get them to change their tune.

Here's what you should know about these magical, insert-able grown-up car seats.


According to the above video, you'll need more than just a screwdriver to put these new seats into the bed of your pick-up truck. You'll need a jack to lift up the vehicle in order to mount the BedRyder on the first support rail. Yeah, it'll take a bit of work to get this whole thing going, but if you really need these extra seats, it'll be worth the effort.

You might also need some help hauling them into the truck bed — the entire BedRyder frame and seats weigh about 65 pounds.


While this product sounds like an awesome idea, I have some concerns about safety. I mean, just because it's got a seatbelt doesn't mean it's automatically safe. The BedRyder website assures us all that the product is indeed safe.

"The BedRyder seating system has been independently tested and meets/exceeds all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for passenger seating," the site says. "Once properly installed, the BedRyder frame provides rock-solid reliability. The bucket seats and racing style shoulder harnesses hold passengers securely for added protection."


Let me tell you, extra car seats don't come cheap. The BedRyder costs $749 on the company's official website and has free shipping within the continental United States. You can also find them at a similar price point on various trucking supply websites. It's a high price, but if you need extra seating often, then this seems to be the product you should invest in.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; BedRyder-Truck-Bed-Seating/Facebook; Giphy