Stacey Nishimoto's Perfect Summer Beauty Look

by Alyssa Shapiro

There is a makeup artist and stylist named Stacey Nishimoto on whom I have a well-articulated girl crush. Check out her Instagram account and I’m sure you’ll share these feelings. Aside from photos of her adorable son, she posts images from her highly styled life, inspiration, and the beauty looks she creates.

The photo that inspired a complete rearranging of my makeup drawer is above. It’s actually an early step photo of a bigger look that two images later, turned into a full on Liz Taylor emerald eye situation. I think it’s more interesting for real life to stop right here. It’s summer, and there’s no need to pile it on when you’re already sun-kissed and, shall we say, “glowing”?

All that appears here is super basic. Finger-applied cream blush and tinted lip balm accentuate the flush that occurs inherently in the heat, and that color should mimic what comes naturally. (Hint: Nars Orgasm is aptly named). Pick something that works double duty, like the Nars Multiple or Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge, and use it on lips, too.

The two most important aspects of this look are super clean, healthy skin and eyebrows. Nothing looks younger and fresher than full eyebrows. They help frame the eye and they can make or break a face. Do not over-tweeze! Whether or not full eyebrows come naturally, a brow brush pre and post brow powder application will keep it looking clean and natural. Anastasia makes a good duo compact called Brow Zings. Even if fill in isn't necessary, finishing with a brow gel is a good idea, like Benefit Speedbrow.

Helpful hint: for those with blonde and lighter brunette hair, go a shade darker on your eyebrows. If you have darker brunette or black hair, ease in a shade lighter. Q-tips are your best cleanup friend.

Easy as pie, really.

Also, isn’t she giving you a little Daenerys Tagaryen?

Image: @stacey_a_nishimoto on Instagram