The Best World Book Day Costumes to Make You Feel Jealous That The U.S. Isn't Celebrating Today

Halloween comes early in the U.K. every year. The first Thursday in March is reserved annually for World Book Day, designated by the U.K. National Commission for UNESCO, as a celebration of books and reading across the United Kingdom and Ireland. And the best part? Everyone uses the holiday as an excuse to dress up as their favorite book character, which is pretty much the best themed Halloween party I could imagine.

On World Book Day, the organization sends schools "Book Day Resource Packs" chock full of book vouchers for children to pick out a book that speaks to them personally out of 10 chosen by World Book Day. The aim is to encourage children of all ages to find a passion for reading and explore what's out there in the book universe. Teachers and educators across the U.K. and Ireland also use the day to read aloud to their students and have open discussions on books, book characters, and reading habits. And yes, this all happens as both the children and many of the adults are in killer book costumes. So basically it's the best.

And the costumes seem to get even more imaginative every year. I've found some of the best World Book Day costumes so far, which you are now allowed to use for inspiration come October.

First, here are some costumes from years past to see what this year is up against in terms of creativity and general awesomeness.

Frankly, the Alice stuck in the house costume is one of the greatest I've seen, and now I can only dream about being able to pull that off for Halloween this year.

Props to Good Morning America for getting involved in the World Book Day action, but sorry to say, if you dressed as Harry Potter, you dressed as roughly one-third of everyone in costume today. There were three outstanding Harry Potter costumes that stood out, and GMA, you aren't one of them.

This baby.

This awesome Hermione costume adorned by an even more awesome girl. (The hair!)

And this slammin Hagrid costume, which is probably my favorite.

And you know who won't even see your Harry Potter costume? This girl:

I am in love with her and the parents who raised her.

These two kids see your Harry Potter wizards and raise you a Gandalf.

I legitimately laughed out loud and then recoiled in fear at this top-notch Coraline "costume."

Speaking of recoiling in fear.

Simple, yet immensely effective Diary of a Wimpy Kid costume.

Dear world, if anyone wants to join me in this incredible couple's costume, please get in touch.

I'm standing at my desk to give a deserving round of applause for Geek Girl.

We've now entered the portion of the day when I'm willing to have kids right this second if you promise me they'll be as adorable as these two.

This Artful Dodger has swagger.

Someone mail me these Tin-Tin children because they are perfect.

Killer Fantastic Mr. Fox costume; just nailed it.

This. Kid. Rocks. Period.

Up next, two children dressed as characters I hope they don't know exist yet:

Though his adorable mug says he might know exactly who he is. And:

I'm having this weird reaction where I'm laughing really hard but also screaming.

If anyone in my office showed up in this costume, I would hide under my desk.

I've never seen a more perfect Matilda costume.

But she better watch out for the evil Miss Trunchbull.

Um. Why don't we celebrate this holiday again? This is the best picture of life I've seen.