Kim K Just Went Platinum Blonde

Guys, 2015 is officially the year of the blondes. Kim Kardashian is platinum blonde now, and it's honestly one of the most fabulous things I've seen all winter. Clearly, Kimmy was getting a little jealous of all the attention Khloe's blonde hair was getting and decided to one up her by going full on bleached (they both look great, BTW). At first, there was some question about whether or not she dug the new look, since she kept it tucked away under a big, black beanie, but photos have finally arrived that show off the full look.

Though she usually keeps her hair long and dark, this isn't the first time Kim's played with blonde strands. She's done honey hues and ombre tips multiple times, but it always felt more like a dipping her toes into the blonde pool — this time, she dove right on it. So what's the occasion, Kim? Is it just because you're bopping around Paris for Fashion Week and wanted to stand out from the rest of the street stylers? A little lightening up for the warmer weather I keep hearing is coming? Whatever her reasoning, I'm completely obsessed with this new blonde 'do. Maybe the rest of the Kardashian Klan will follow suit.