4 'TVD' Spin-Offs That Need To Happen Now

by Christine DiStasio

Do you want to know what there isn't enough of on television in general? Vampires. I know what you're thinking — between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, how could The CW possibly need more vampires? Well, while we've all been painfully waiting for a Klaroline reunion on The Originals, it's been nearly impossible not to notice all of the potential TVD spin-offs the series has set up: So many questions have gone unanswered and so many histories have gone unexplained. So, while I couldn't be more in love with The Originals, I definitely have room for some more The Vampire Diaries spin-offs in my life.

Think for a second about where in the world Katherine Pierce went — you have no idea. Sure we can assume that she faced some type of judgment. But, if I can watch Bonnie spend most of Season 6 trapped in a supernatural prison, trying to find her way home, I can watch Katherine's story unfold in a spin-off series. I mean, why not? (Also, I really miss Katherine — if you're reading this, Damon Salvatore, I'm sorry.) But she's just one of TVD's characters that could hold her own on a new series.

Katherine: Past, Present, & Future

Katherine easily became everyone's favorite doppelgänger during TVD Season 5 — mostly because we could always rely on her to speak the ultimate truth and be as harsh as everyone deserved. Katherine was the best. And, while I definitely agree that it was the right time for her to leave the series, there's still so much more to be done with Katherine. Where is she now — probably bad-mouthing a bunch of other supernaturals in a prison world somewhere. I want to watch her do that while reminiscing about her adventures in life.

Caroline Gets Her Own Show

If that TVD and Originals crossover that brings Klaroline back together isn't going to happen, why can't Caroline get her own show? At least Klaus could cross over onto her series and they could be together from time to time. You want this — you know you do.

Donovan's Creek

You're not invisible, Matt, we see you. I've wondered plenty of times how and why Matt Donovan has survived so long on TVD, and what better reward for lasting so long than to give him his own series? Matt had a troubled childhood and an awful love life, I'm seeing a great teen drama there.

The Founding Families

Has anyone else noticed how seriously messed up some of these founding families were? This would also be a really great way to keep Damon and Stefan on our televisions. I want to know EVERYTHING about the founding families of Mystic Falls, especially now that Lily Salvatore is alive. It could be like The Originals 2.0. — I know you're into it, TVD fans.

Images: Mathieu Young/The CW; wonderlandgirlforever, inspired-for-lifee, iamnotperfectiamsorry, bonneibennett/Tumblr