'The Bachelor With Dogs' From Funny or Die & 8 Other 'Bachelor' Parodies You Need To Watch Now — VIDEOS

Although I've been a fan for years, I can totally appreciate the silly aspects of the Bachelor (like all those crazy emotional meltdowns two days in). The parent network ABC even makes fun of The Bachelor sometimes, poking fun at the number of times the women say "amazing" and how Chris Soules can't string a sentence together. With so much material to make fun of, it's not surprising that Funny or Die did a parody called The Bachelor With Dogs. The short video basically operates like the standard reality show, except, instead of the Bachelor picking women, he is just trying to find his furry best friend.

Starring Clint Eastwood's son Scott Eastwood, it's just as compelling as the content of the actual show. Cute puppies, twist endings where cats are introduced, rawhide bones instead of roses? Even though it's a joke, I would totally watch a show with that premise in a heartbeat.

But Funny or Die isn't the only place that has made their own Bachelor or Bachelorette parody. I've rounded up nine of the best spoofs out there. Starting, of course, with Funny or Die's latest contribution.

The Bachelor With Dogs

What more can you want from a TV show than dogs?

Farm Hunk

Saturday Night Live poked fun at Chris Soules' season in this parody starring Blake Shelton. It's genius.

The Gay Bachelor

Funny Or Die's take on what would happen if there was a gay Bachelor is amazing. It stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson as the Bachelor, George Takei as Chris Harrison, and Lance Bass as one of the contestants. I would watch that in a heartbeat.

Baby Bachelor

Before Jimmy Kimmel hosted an episode of The Bachelor, he was making his own show starring children in the roles of Bachelor and contestants. It's the most adorable thing ever.

Ellen DeGeneres On The Bachelor

The talk show host inserted herself into some Bachelor footage as the contestant who is really there to make friends.

Paths of Love

Comedy detective show Psych put together a Bachelorette look-a-like show during one of their episodes. It was called Paths of Love, and it poked fun at every reality show stereotype on the list — from lack of racial diversity to the abundance of sob stories.

American Girl Bachelor

Although not an official parody, it's a very intricate replica of the show acted out by American Girl dolls and produced by a young girl. So, in other words, it's perfect.

Kelly Ripa as The Bachelorette

Ripa teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel to do a Bachelorette-type spoof as she searched for her next co-host.

Burning Love

Making fun of The Bachelor is so entertaining that Yahoo based an entire TV series off it. It features a number of celebrity cameos and is very entertaining. It's also the birthplace of this GIF, which I will love forever.

Images: Funny or Die; eternal-weekend/Tumblr