'Teen Wolf' Reviewed For a Season 4 & A Little Something Extra

Fans of MTV's aptly titled and surprisingly dark teen werewolf show Teen Wolf are due for a celebration this week: Teen Wolf has been renewed for a fourth season. Huzzah! More tears and goofy werewolf makeup for all!

For many viewers — including yours truly — Teen Wolf has proven a nice, weirdly harrowing surprise. Tune in for super-angsty metamorphosing shirtless dudes — and Stiles. OK, mainly Stiles — stay for the strangely gripping group dynamic and the tears.

Teen Wolf's season 3 is only half-aired so far — the first leg ended a couple months ago, and the second premieres in January — but MTV's pickup of the show isn't surprising given the show's success with the young-uns (and guilty-pleasure-loving old-uns). The pick-up also includes Teen Wolf-tangent talk show Wolf Watch, which is pretty much exactly like The Walking Dead's The Talking Dead except about Teen Wolf.

The reveal was made at the show's NYCC panel. Other tidbits from the panel include that Stiles and Lydia as a romantic thang could still be a thing that occurs, that Stiles' jeep is named Roscoe, and that, as The Mary Sue's Rebecca Pahle puts it, "yes, it is possible to get through an entire Teen Wolf panel without someone asking about Sterek. It was alluded to, but never explicitly mentioned. I was shocked."

Start placing bets now on if anyone will pull a reprise of that "DEMON WOOOOOOOOOOOLLFFFF" exclamation I can't get out of my head.