If Chris Brown's Baby Really Has This Regal Name, She Follows In The Footsteps Of These 6 Celeb Kids

I totally did not see this one coming, but so far, it seems to be true. Reportedly, Chris Brown is a father to a nine-month-old baby. Yep, it seems a hookup with a model named Nia led to a baby, and that baby belongs to Brown, who's allegedly happy to be a dad. And now, we have another big detail about Brown's newest family member, although it has yet to be confirmed by the singer himself. According to TMZ, Brown's baby is named Royalty. The site adds that the name was chosen by Royalty's mom, Nia, and that mom and baby live in Texas. Supposedly, now that Brown knows about his daughter, he's all in, offering to fly back and forth to see his baby and even wants to help raise her.

While Royalty is definitely an unusual name, she's definitely not the first celebrity baby to have a name that evokes imagery of kings and queens. Plenty of celebs have chosen to name their kids in the theme of nobility, so if Royalty wants to hang with other kids who know what it's like to have a parent in entertainment, she should feel right at home with this group:

Royal Reign — Lil' Kim

Perhaps the most royal of all possible celebrity names, Lil' Kim named her baby Royal Reign when she was born on June 9, 2014. In this photo, she clearly understands that she is royalty, because she is not in the mood to be dressed like a bee like some sort of peasant.

Reign Aston — Kourtney Kardashian

In the past year, Reign has become a pretty hot name, so it's not surprising that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick jumped on the bandwagon when their new little one was born. Kardashian hasn't shared too many pictures of him yet, and that is unfortunate, because she's in the habit of making adorable babies.

Jermajesty — Jermaine Jackson

When Jermaine Jackson — former member of the Jackson 5 — welcomed his fourth child into the world, he basically combined his name with the word "majesty" to create a new, unique mashup name. And, much like many famous families, all four of his children have names that start with the same letter, J.

Prince Michael II — Michael Jackson

Although Prince Michael II became more commonly known as Blanket, his given name is one of royalty. Can you believe he's already about to graduate high school?!

Briar Rose — Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen

This one is a little more subtle, but it's my favorite. When she was born last year, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen decided to name their first child Briar Rose, after Sleeping Beauty, an actual Disney princess — basically as royal as you can get. And I love it.

Messiah Ya'Majesty — T.I.

Although all of T.I.'s kids have pretty unique names, I think Messiah Ya'Majesty — who's 14 years old now — definitely wins.