If Bobbi Kristina Brown's Boyfriend Nick Gordon Is Really Appearing On 'Dr. Phil', It's Probably Not The Best Idea — UPDATE

It looks like Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend has something to say, and it's not on Twitter this time, but on another odd choice of an outlet — a pop psychology show. Specifically, Nick Gordon is in talks to appear on Dr. Phil, according to TMZ. Gordon will reportedly meet with Phil McGraw, the host of the show, in the next couple of days before arranging a formal sit-down to be shown on TV. This potential appearance will come in the midst of his comatose girlfriend fighting for her life and him being the target of a criminal investigation of that very case. In the possible appearance, it is said that he will discuss both Brown and the troubled relationship he has with her family.

(Update: Nick Gordon has reportedly checked into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse following his interview with Dr. Phil. The interview is said to air Wednesday, March 11.)

So why Dr. Phil, exactly? According to the Daily Mail, McGraw reached out to Gordon after his social media posts about his girlfriend became increasingly erratic and troubling, one even reading, "I'm so hurt I wanna do myself in, I know I have to [be] strong."

If this appearance actually does happen, it will likely bring about many mixed reactions. On one hand, it is definitely a good sign that Gordon is willing to talk about Brown. After all, it would be a major cause for concern if he was trying to hide out or not discuss the ongoing trauma with anyone at all. But at the same time, it is worth questioning if Dr. Phil is really the best option for an outlet for him to talk about Brown. After all, Dr. Phil is primarily viewed as an entertainment show, and something does not seem quite right about placing this story in that context, especially considering the ongoing investigation.

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Dr. Phil has certainly received its fair share of criticism over the years for blurring the lines between Hollywood and actual therapy. According to USA Today, though both his show and his website have included disclaimers that his advice is not necessarily created or approved by a certified mental health professional, some psychologists have shown skepticism over the years about just how clear that is to viewers tuning in. So considering how sensitive the Brown case is right now, it is unclear as to why a show that is more pop culture than psychology — or news —would be the one to cover it from Gordon's perspective.

Again, Gordon talking on-air is much better than him refusing to talk at all, or threatening to harm himself on Twitter. But how will his appearance come across to viewers, especially considering Gordon will be talking to an entertainment host rather than cops? We will have to see if the appearance does end up happening. Hopefully, in any case, Gordon is ready to talk.

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